Low Carb Diet Weight Loss In 2 WeeksHow I Lost 16 lbs

low carb diet weight loss in 2 weeksThe best and most safe diet plan around the corner is “The 2 week  low carb diet”, safest to use with best results. 
My name is Elsa Carlson, from New York City and I can say that because I have achieved my goals in shortest time with maximum safe and long lasting results with no carb meal plan.

The diet plan just takes 14 days of your and you lose the most hard fats out of your body with the sure results of not gaining them back.

Yes, there are many other diet plans who promise great results but they fail to get to the root cause of the fat gain, thus once you lose the fat you just gain it back in short period.

But this best diet plan  helps you to fight those body cells who generate fat in high amount and once they are destroyed your fat gain process gets very slow, in other words, only you gain good fat that is helpful for your daily life. 

At the end of my review I have left a free copy of  low carb diet weight loss in 2 weeks for your lovely readers, don’t forget to grab yours.

The 2 weeks low carb diet Overview

Just say no to medicines and other supplements that can only hurt your body and are of no use, medicines only help you in losing weight for the time being but they never fight with your fat generating body cells. 

This is what you have to do with your own will power and that you are going to gain through your strong will power and this 14 days program.

You have to do nothing but just to follow this program sharply and with complete devotion.

Then only you can fight for your body and get a great life. This program consists of different handbooks that help you to reach to your goal day by day. This program has 4 handbooks and there use is explained below.

The Launch:

This booklet consists of scientific evaluation of the dieter’s body; the nutrients required for the body and mention the food that can help in increasing the metabolism of the person’s body.

The book also contains the list of food that helps in regaining the body healthy and energy.

The Diet:

The book consists of perfect plan of how, when and what to eat to get back into the shape. The book consists of plans for every type of body and metabolism people. 

The book is designed in a way that every dieter gets the plan that suits their body accordingly.  Other companies leave the dieter clueless at many levels but this handbook has eliminated every guess work.

The Activity:

Along with the diet, only exercise and workout gives the result that no other thing or medicine can ever give. The handbook helps the dieter to know the proper exercise and workout required for their body 20 to 30 minutes a day. This is not daily requirement but to be done 3 to 4 days a week only for the maximum great results.

The Motivation:

Motivation is the key to success. No one can ever reach to their goal until or unless they are motivated and are kept motivational throughout their plan. 

This handbook keeps the dieter motivational through their plan so that they don’t get depressed or feel low at any point or any day.

The Ultimate Creator “Brian Flatt”

Creator of low carb diet plan for weight loss

no carbs diet plan for 2 weeksBrian Flatt is a well known nutritionist and trainer at Southern California. After being high in demand he opened his own fitness centre R.E.V Fitness.

Brian observed thousands of people fighting with body fats and loosing daily. He witnessed people getting dishearten daily and leaving their fitness goal in the middle. Thus he created a full fitness program 14 days diet plan for such people, and helped them loosing almost 6 pounds in 2 weeks only guaranteed.

Brian went through many researches, hundreds of paper, many plans, medicines and workouts to create this perfect plan. His program has best of information available in the market for losing weight. Brian quotes..

low carbs in 2 weeks

According to Brian weight loss system hasn’t to be very fast and quick because it can damage the health badly.
He says weight loss system has to be slow but steady, and then only the body can destroy the useless cells that create fat that just adds to the fats in the body.He says for this proposes the dieter has to be motivated throughout the diet plan.

How I lost 16 lbs without any hustle

Yes, this is my time to tell how I managed to get rid of this useless fat. But first I want to thank Brian Flatt to help me and thousands of females around the globe to lose fat for many reasons.

I was married for 4 years and was having no child. I got many tests for hormones and different things but all was fine except I was going through PCOS. 

My doctor recommended me to lose weight and go for a low carb diet recipes. My doctor asked me to eat clean and to follow something that can help me to get rid of PCOS.

As soon as I and my husband came to know about this issue we were very worried. And I started suing many different things just taking them as low carbohydrates meal plans and others.
I started searching for different diet plans on internet, different medicines and plans.

My doctor advised me to lose 20 lbs in a month or something so that she can start my medication process. My doctor wanted me to try to get rid of PCOS naturally and if still I went through it then only she wanted me to go for some medication or anything else. 

Thus I and my husband were ready to waste hundreds of dollars aimlessly because we were so fond of becoming parents.
We went through many diet plans but they were medicines and I wasn’t willing to risk my body for any medicine because I thought I have to carry a baby and these medicines might destroy or damage any other organ of my body.

So did my husband thought the same. So we decided to play safer and go for some good plan. But the more we searched for the plans the more we were not satisfied because each plan had flows and we were not contended. But then I went through this plan and reviews about it.

At first I was not sure I should go for it, but I found that they have designed clean no carb diet plan for 2 weeks. I thought why not to risk it as these is only 2 weeks and I might get some good result. 

I had positive vibes about it. So I and my husband just went for it. As for motivation my husband decided he will go through it as well and will be on diet along with me.

We downloaded the plan and went through these 4 booklets. The handbooks were a great help. Each step and plan was explained perfectly and in easy words. We decided to follow each and every step accordingly so we might not miss anything.
We downloaded  everything mentioned in the handbook for making our best no carb meal.

Week One:

So it was first day and I was very worried my husband was by my side and he said let’s do it. The first day was pretty good but tough as well because I am a working woman and eating bad things while I was at my office was my daily routine.

So I had to avoid eating things that could damage my body any further. And for keeping me at safer side my husband kept on calling me after every hour to make sure I am going fine. This helped me a lot and I was again and again going through The Motivation Handbook I got along with the plan.

The day 1 went very fine and I was contended that I can do it. Next day I decided to add the workout to my plan as well, so I and my husband followed the activity handbook and worked out for 20 mins on the 2nd days along with the best no carb meal.

I was a bit depressed because I wasn’t working out for years now but I had to do this. I and my husband had decided to check the weight at the end of the week and OMG I lost 9 lbs and I wasn’t able to believe my eyes. My husband lost his lbs too. We both were happy.

Week Two:

Week 2 was easier than week 1 because we were already very excited by our results of last week we were very motivated. This week we decided instead of working out for 4 days we will work out for 3 only as we had some commitments to be fulfilled.

Though I wanted to work out for 4 days but the commitments were to be fulfilled. And there was a dinner to be attended. But we were motivated enough thank God we had Motivational handbook with us and we were together we did not ruin our two-week low-carb meal plan.

 We knew what the things we should were and we can eat, thus me and my husband made our choices and had the food that was included in our diet plan. But the next day after dinner we still wanted to be at safer side thus we worked out for almost 30 to 35 minutes.

Things were smooth and on the track this week as out body got used to it. We were very excited for the results and on the last day I was jumping on the moon as I had lost 16 lbs and I was super excited because I knew my doctor was not going to believe me.

Me and my husband got my results and went to the doctor, she got my tests done and she was very happy to see the results. My PCOS was almost gone and I did not need any medication for it. My doctor recommended me to keep on following this super diet plan of low carbs.

And today I am 3 months pregnant all thanks to this super plan and Brian Flatt who is helping thousands of women like me. I am recommending this plan to everyone.

My Before and After Pics…

30 day low carb meal plan

Sorry this is me 🙂

high protein low carb diet plan

Listen my colleague‘s story about my recommendation…

The Pros and cons of this 2 week diet plan
There are numerous pros and cons of this 14 days diet plan .
  • The body gets useful carbohydrates only.
  • The body gets clean diet.
  • Easy to follow.
  • Workout is not needed daily.
  • You get enough amount of energy.
  • You don’t feel low in your daily routine.
  • You don’t have to stay hungry as the plan is made according to your activity and body requirement
  • Get best result in shorter time.
  • Results are permanent.
  • Bad fat generating cells are destroyed complete.
  • No videos are available to watch.
  • The hunger.
  • Supplements.
  • Extra equipment needed for exercise.
I actually did not find any serious cons for this perfect low carb plan. As I had followed it perfectly. But yes at sometimes you do feel de-motivated but the Motivational handbook can definitely help you to keep you motivated.

You may sometimes find that there should be some being guiding you. Because of no carbs intake you might feel hungry or low and you have to fight with the hunger all alone it is quite difficult to fight with cravings and all you need is strong motivation for it.


It’s better to be slow and steady than to be quick with temporary results. This low carb diet weight loss in 2 weeks is perfect for the people who need everlasting results day by day you will see your body growing in a positive manner and a positive side. You will feel happy and contended with the results. Only following 14 days no carb diet plan can change your life for quite long.

So why to wait just grab your free copy of low carb diet plan pdf  from below and live a successful fat free life today.

Low Carb Diet Weight Loss in 2 weeks

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