Homemade weight loss tea Recipe

we all are hunting for weight loss tea recipes that are healthy quick and does not have any side effect. I welcome you all today I’ll be sharing the recipe of weight loss tea detox which you can prepare at home normally you get detox tea in the market and you can very easily.

I will be sharing this Ayurvedic detox tea recipe which is very effective and very simple to make so let’s see how to make it. For a detox tea recipe we need four simple spices.

    • cumin seeds
    • fennel seeds
    • carom seeds
    • coriander seeds

You need 1/2 a teaspoon of all these spices let me share how to prepare this recipe, for this take a pan into this add all the spices you’ve added all the spices and one and a half glass of water into it.

Then we need to boil this piece we have to boil the tea till it’s reduced down to one glass of water. why are these getting prepared let me share with you few benefits of each of these spices which we have added in log detox.All these three spices helps in digestion and it reduce flatulence and heaviness in the stomach also it boosts immunity penalty’s is a natural appetite, suppressant and it also boosts metabolism.

So the combination of spices has powerful detoxifying properties thus it helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. Once you have this tea the calories in the food are burned off much more faster in the body and which eventually age and weight loss. Drink this one glass of homemade detox tea every day post dinner this detox tea is very very tasty it’s very delicious also follow a low-carb diet if you want to consistent weight loss. Believe me this recipe is very practiced so do try it out and share your views with us.

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Homemade weight loss tea Recipe
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