About Linda
Welcome! I’m Linda pitts, the owner and founding mother of dietplaning. I created this web site back in 2017 as the simplest way to save lots of low carb recipes and share them with others. the location was originally referred to as Low Carb Recipes. however I modified the name to dietplaning in 2019 because the original name was simply too long!

I initial turned to the low carb manner of ingestion in 2001. it had been shortly once i used to be treated for Graves’ illness that is Associate in Nursing disease wherever the ductless gland becomes hyperactive. before the treatment, wont to be} used to ingestion something I wished since my metabolism was remarkably high. however being treated with radioactive iodine modified all that as a result of it utterly destroyed my thyroid and that i began gaining weight quickly.

Desperate to come back to to my traditional weight, I went on a coffee carb Atkins diet and lost the additional weight in an exceedingly few months. I continued observation my carb intake and my weight remained stable. However, I slowly drifted far from low carb ingestion and also the weight crept back on. That’s why I created the choice to be all committed to low carb back in 2010 and began this blog!

I have a degree in mbbs Associate in Nursingd once operating as an doctor for twenty-five years, i made a decision to depart that job in 2018 thus I may specialise in Low Carb Yum regular. As Associate in Nursing doctor, i used to be invariably searching for ways in which to unravel issues and that’s one thing I still do as a food blogger. i buy plenty of requests from others on a way to build their favorite foods once moving to the low carb fashion. and that i love the challenge of making delicious keto friendly versions of standard high carb foods. I’m additionally fascinated with the science behind ketogenic diets and spent years learning why low carb works thus well for weight loss.